Bona Fide in Haiti and the dry season continues on.

Greetings BF friends and supporters,

I have just returned from Haiti after 9 days just outside of the coastal city of Leogane. I brought thousands upon thousands of seeds collected from our local community in Nicaragua as well as seed produced on site at FBF. My trip brought me through Panama where customs was hapy to support trees and seeds for Haiti and waive me through customs with a smile and wishinng me luck in Haiti. Haiti was amazing in hope and devastation. I was deeply impresses by the strength and beauty of the people and the hope infused in that place.

Our team of 2 Americans and one Frenchman plus over a dozen small children helping filled over 1500 bags and seeded them in the nursery we built up. Local seed sources we located and seeds were collected for: cover cropping, fruit tree seedlings, and erosion control. Base mapping and master planning was done and big plans are developing.

Many thanks to the Haitian people for their welcoming smiles, to all volunteers for being in Haiti and for supporting her.

As for Project Bona Fide:

The dry season continues we are thankful for our volunteers and apprentices and interns for supporting the farm whilst I have been away. It seems though the rains will come early this year and BF is gearing up for college groups (3) in May as well as planting season.

Thank you for your support.


Chris Shanks

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