Greetings all,

New work moves forward at ‘el centro’ ‘casa amarilla’ or as we know it, Casa Mano Amiga. A group of 3 architecture students and one visiting individual from the UK have been investing their time, heart and hard earned fundraised funds to move the community commercial kitchen forward. Kudos to these four! Labor on the site is a great amalgamation of local volunteers, the Brits, and a core group of three masons from Project Bona’s Fide’s training programs.

Meanwhile the rain continues, one can see Osa reclining in the water, kids playing in the water, actually playing in the stream that normally is 8″ deep is now close to 4 feet deep, rains continue as well, we just got hit with a tropical storm last week, Bona Fide lost some trees, no damage to structures either gracias a dios.

This coming week we expect piglets and start moving forward with integrating animals into our systems.

Thanks to all,

Chris Shanks

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