1 YEAR anniversary and JACKfruit!!

Greetings Bona Fide friends and supporters,


This week that has passed saw Michael Judd, Bona Fide co-Director and US based fundraiser and administrator and family (Chris and Carolyn Judd) plus Lady Eve arrive at BF, traveling lightly (just under 500, yes F-I-V-E hundred pounds of luggage) Not all swimsuits and towels either, on the contrary Michael arranged for yet another donation of much needed vitamins and medicines for the Café Infantil nutrition program and lugged them from Maryland to here on Ometepe. Many thanks to these valiant folks especially Chris and Carolyn who not only have made numerous visits to the island and this year in the ‘El Centro’ community center gave its first quilting workshop over a 5 day period, but also work very hard in the US to support BF fundraising efforts. Kudos to all four of you for making the journey.

HAPPY ONE YEAR birthday to our community center. If you take a moment to view the before and after fotos of the center you will see a dramatic change in the exterior but the exterior is just where it begins as one would see inside the building a library on the second floor where before it was vacant and littered with refuse, one would be able to use the internet, charge educational tools/computers, and work on the center with power tools thanks to the complete wiring of the building as well as its grid connection where before there was no light or power. Much has changed both inside and outside of the building with the addition of the playground, holding of numerous classes in English, environmental education, extra help in mathematics as well as art and music PLUS library hours for the public. Much has passed in just one year and there is A LOT to go in the development of the site. Thanks to EVERYONE from volunteers and interns to local supporters and educators as well as Eira Kedward, TALICA, the Knorr family, West Vancouver High School and everyone else…W/O you all we would still be sanding the first boards on the second floor paint job. Thanks again.

Big Change BIG BOAT

I just crossed Lake Nicaragua yesterday on the new ferry, El Rey de Cocibolca (King of Lake Nicaragua). This ferry, imported from Holland is serving the new port of San Jose del Sur and will run 2x daily. Besided carrying up to 16 cars/light trucks and up to 1000 people it is owned and operated by the local government and NOT a private business like the Ferry in Moyagalpa. It is also cheaper. I highly recommend it to folks coming to the island as you will be supporting local government, spending less money and you will also be 10km closer to the Maderas side if you are headed to Bona Fide or Totoco or Zopilote or the playa or Merida. Save money, save gas, buy local. Sweet.

What is this crazy yellow fruit that looks like an alien creature recently eviscerated?

Well actually its Jackfruit/Jaquero (Artocarpus heterophyllus) Bona Fide currently has 6 trees (of about 80 and counting) fruiting at 4.5 years of age which is better than average, selections for breeding/fruit quality are already being made, featured in the two fruit fotos are from the first named variety on the farm, ‘La Hannita’ in honor of long time friend and supporter of the farm. Eating jackfruit is fun, the fruit tastes like Juicy Fruit gum, the seed lightly boiled and peeled tastes like garbanzo bean, great for soups, stews and such. Guess what? You can make hummus out of it. YES. HUMMUS. Well it may not sound like a lot since you can buy it just about anywhere in the USA, Canada, or Western Europe but here hummus is as scarce sub zero temps, well not anymore. WHO knows what crazy fun tasty recipes we will come up with with all these new fruits, nuts, veggies, seeds and leaves we grow. Nice. Very nice.

Where is this beautiful beach?

The gratuitous shot of the Nicaraguan Pacific coast is actually about planting seeds, garden seeds for the record. Chris via his business, Living Systems Solutions is in negotiations with the eco-resort community of Aqua SA to aid them in working with local farmers near the coast to begin a subscription farming/CSA venture for the promotion of organic agriculture and local employment. The BF farm school, Escuela de Campo will be involved in training locals on the coast in nursery development and garden design and implementation. These jobs will be paid positions that will show the students at our school the value of their skills.

Best to all,

Chris Shanks
Co-Director Project Bona Fide

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