Coordinator and Work Trade Positions

We have several coordinator and work-trade positions available here on the farm.  Coordinators and workers with specialized skills commit at least several months to the Project and work 40 hours each week in exchange for room and board.  As leaders of the volunteer community on the farm, coordinators and work-traders set good examples of positive communal living, train and assist new volunteers/interns, and promote the goals and mission of Project Bona Fide both on and off the farm.

To inquire about coordinator or work-trade position openings, please send us an e-mail at


Volunteer Coordinator

The volunteer program is led by one or more Volunteer Coordinators.  A Volunteer Coordinator commits at least 12 months to being a constance presence and resource responsible for orienting volunteers, overseeing daily tasks, and being a supportive figure for volunteers throughout their time with Project Bona Fide.

The Volunteer Coordinator works directly with the directors and other coordinators on a daily basis.  Specific tasks include running the farm kitchen, directing volunteers during morning work, coordinating local staff, managing the volunteer program finances, communicating with potential volunteers via e-mail, and giving orientations and tours of the farm.

Position Requirements:

  • Minimum time commitment of 12 months
  • Fluency in Spanish
  • Experience leading and organizing groups of people
  • Experience living in a communal setting
  • Strong work ethic and willingness to learn and share
  • Ability to work in a high activity environment
  • Experience handling and managing money
  • Experience and familiarity with Gmail, Word documents, and Excel spreadsheets
  • Basic knowledge of permaculture principles (recommended)




Community Outreach Coordinator

The Community Outreach Coordinator serves as an important link between Project Bona Fide and the community of Balgüe.  He or she commits at least 7 months to support ongoing community projects and activities such as facilitating workshops, developing and coordinating community events, and supporting ongoing projects.

The Community Outreach Coordinator helps interested Bona Fide volunteers get involved in community projects and activities.  Past projects include a home gardens project, a weekly educational movie series for adults, organizing farm tours for children, showing educational videos at the Balgüe grade school, and completing an earthen oven project.

In addition, the Community Outreach Coordinator is expected to maintain a strong working relationship between Project Bona Fide and Proyecto Mano Amiga, the Balgüe community center.  In this capacity, the coordinator oversees support for one or more of their programs, which include computing, English classes, sewing, tutoring, organic gardening, and children’s workshops.

Position Requirements:

  • Minimum time commitment of 7 months
  • Moderate/advanced Spanish
  • Proposal for community initiatives using a specific skills set
  • Experience leading/organizing groups of people
  • Self motivation, strong work ethic, interpersonal skills
  • Clear documentation of program development and resources required


Work-Trade Positions

Project Bona Fide is currently seeking highly skilled workers with building, engineering, and design experience to lead a variety of long-term projects on the farm.  Projects may involve maintaining existing structures or designing and carrying out new initiatives.  Potential work-trade positions include natural builders, carpenters, masons, solar/alternative energy experts, engineers, and graphic designers.

Work-trade position requirements:

  • Minimum time commitment of 3 months
  • Moderate/advanced Spanish
  • Advanced experience in specialized skill area
  • Project proposal including specific goals, design, timeline, materials needed, and budget estimate
  • Self-motivation, strong work ethic, interpersonal skills


Natural building kitchen renovations

Natural builders have contributed to many of our farm structures, such as the 2013 kitchen renovations (above)

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