Renovations: Structural and Power Updates

By: Farah Motani, Education and Volunteer Coordinator

20170730_121132With so many hands on site during the busy dry season, we were able to accomplish a number of structural renovations to improve our spaces and make sure we stay dry for the upcoming wet season. We completed a bamboo shower, re-thatched the roof to one of our compost toilets and started working on two cob structures – a bench in our aula, or classroom, as well as a structure destined to be a farm store  at the bottom of our property.

For the new shower and bathroom roof, volunteers assisted our amazing Field Team (Hector, Levis and Kiore) to harvest, cut and thatch bamboo and palm for the shower and roof. For the cob farm store, the February 2017 Permaculture Design Course group worked with Yan, the island’s natural building genius, to mix straw, sand and clay to help finish up the walls of the structure. For the cob bench, two work-traders and natural builders, Sara and Emily, led a two week project on designing and building the bench.

Another big change to the site was adding wind powered electricity so that we could install a fridge for better food preservation and more reliable electronics charging. Once the rainy season trickles down, upcoming projects include finishing the cob structures and replacing our kitchen and classroom space roofs.

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