WHATS UP!! the dry season. Goodness por todos los lados

Greetings Bona Fide Friends and Supporters,

Well folks, I have been lax and I deserve at least mild castigation for being derelict in my blog updates. I hope we have not suffered too great of waning interest and I hope to win back our followers with more regular updates from now on. I am surprised by the number of folks looking in on the BF blog and I am grateful for it.

OK with that on the table let’s get after it.

The month of November is always busy at Bona Fide, garden preparations, summer mulching preparations, irrigation system repair and upkeep plus planning for the upcoming permaculture course, working with new interns and gearing up for the busiest time for volunteer help. This past November and going right into the beginning of December have been no different, if anything perhaps more busy as BF forays into the support of a Commuity Garden at the BF community center, pending school groups, our biggest organic grain harvest to date plus what to do with so many papayas, bananas, starfruit and passionfruit. Eating them helps.

On top of all of this I find myself neck deep in for profit design projects. These projects not only help this almost 8 year and running volunteer pay the bill but also are opening doors for markets for organic produce and meats as well as regional connections that promote wellness, community building and right livelihood.

I find myself between the BF farm and two large design projects and little time to slow down yet the excitement of all the work we are all doing and how so much is coming together on the farm is fantastic. BF is close to developing some processing facilities for fruits (canning and ferments) as well as exploring some new building techniques to develop infrastructure as well as futher developing our local and regional community ties. Good time to be in Nicalandia with so many good folk.

A big shout out to Roundover Rachel, Cat, Steve, and Eva for ninja intern skillz and what they bring to our work. Same for our wonderful and warm local staff as well as to Michael Judd and family, (now in Nicaragua!!).

Pictures and more textual goodness to come next week.

Best to all,

Chris Shanks
Project co-Director
Site Manager

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