Greetings Bona Fide friends and supporters,

Anyone ever wonder what a half a million seedlings looks like? Well wonder no more as those rows of green in the two garden looking fotos are actually seedlings. A nursery owned by 3 brothers and their father, they collectively produce close to one million trees per year. Yee Haw!! This year BF bought some cocoa/cacao trees as well as a few hardwoods and other goodies for a coppice firewood system we are trialing with $$ from the UVM CUPs grant.
The theme of this last week has been trees and plants, personally I have purchased about 13,000 for BF, the community, and private clients for Living Systems Solutions, my for profit socially responsible business. It has been one heck of a week!! What I do not have a foto of, though what I would like to share is a tale of two ovens. One in the community, one at BF, each baked 50 loaves of bread to make 700 sandwiches for ‘Dia de Los NiƱos’ Children’s day last Saturday. Totoco eco-lodge donated the wholesome flour and BF donated sustainably produced fuelwood, our oven and the sweat and tears (from smoke) of our volunteer staff, thanks Cat, Martha, Clemencia, Charlie, Kirstie and anyone I forgot, (sorry).

Good work all around. Wish we has more nurseries like that and more crazed tree planting ninjas.

Best to all,

Chris Shanks
Co-Director, Project Bona Fide

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