Permaculture Design Course February 7-21, 2015

This 110 hour design course offers a unique opportunity to learn the theory, principles, and practice of permaculture in a tropical rural agricultural community. It teaches the standard PDC curriculum with a special emphasis on forest gardening in the tropics. Learn More»

Interactive Base Map

See permaculture in action while getting to know the farm with this interactive map of planting zones. Learn More»

Join in the launch of IMAGINE THERE’S NO HUNGER

Be part of the solution and IMAGINE a world without hunger with WhyHunger, Hard Rock and Yoko Ono Lennon. The “Imagine There’s No Hunger” campaign supports grassroots partners that give children access to nutritious food for today AND for the rest of their lives through long-term, sustainable agricultural programs. This year’s amazing partners are from countries around the world like Kenya, Thailand, India, Haiti, USA and more. Donate Today»
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